Manila is the capital of the Philippines and the nation's center of education, business, and transportation and considered as one of the top overnight destination in South East Asia. As the main gateway to the Philippines' many scenic destinations, the city is visited by the majority of international tourists to the country.

Metro Manila contains several notable attractions including a UNESCO World Heritage Site and other cultural heritage landmarks.These cultural attractions are mostly concentrated in the City of Manila which offers a glimpse into the city's Malay, Spanish, and American origin.

Manila is the main shopping hub of the Philippines. It is a well-known shopping haven and is considered as one "Best Shopping Destinations" in the Asia-Pacific region and the city is ranked tenth in top 20 fastest growing cities for international visitors. Numerous shopping centers are located around the metropolis and are usually clustered in major shopping districts while traditional markets still remain a presence in Manila such as bazaars and markets.

A number of hotels and casinos can be found around Manila which is home to numerous international hotel chains and casinos and is becoming a major gaming destination in the region thus becoming a major attraction in the Asia Pacific region.

Although there are several local dialects in daily use, the most widely understood and spoken is Filipino  which is almost completely based on Tagalog and considered to be the official language.  However, English is the language of the government and the preferred choice for media and communication. With the high literacy rate of the locals conversing with them in English won't be a problem.